We are highly qualified specialists in metal plastics processing as well as using contemporary measurement techniques. We have many-year experience in cooperation with Polish leading tool shops. Our professional career has involved cooperation with companies from food, pharmaceutical, medical, energetic, automotive, aerial industries as well as with heavy industry. Knowledge acquired during our work on projects of high technological advancement enables us to assure the highest quality of our services. We have invested in a new machine park and assure our personnel continuous development in response to growing needs of the market. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our priorities.


Our machine park and know-how enable us to provide the following services:


• Processing, in the scope of unit, small and medium series production:

1. CNC turning (fi range 310 x 1050 mm)
2. CNC milling with milling machines controlled by the numerical control system
3-axes (the range of machining 600 x 600 x 1030 mm)
4-axes (the range of fi machining 200 x 700 mm)
5-axes (the range of machining 500 x 450 x 450 mm)
3. Surface grinding (the range of machining 300 x 1000 x 300 mm)
4. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) (wire EDM, the range 600 x 400 x 350mm)
5. Band-saw cutting (the range to fi 300 mm)
Inspection high precision

• Measuring (with Zeiss measuring machine with VAST XXT scanning head, the measuring range 700 x 1000 x 500 mm, with uncertainty of measurement of 1 level, 9µ+1µ (L/250mm):

1. measurement of finished goods to verify their compliance with 2d and 3d documentation,
2. measurements for reverse engineering (including scanning of defined and undefined profiles ),
3. CMM programming with Calypso program,
4. trainings in CMM operation and programming as well as in workshop metrology.


• Construction-technological consulting and support:

1. selecting materials and thermo-chemical treatment method, selecting special coatings,
2. reverse engineering, regenerating elements of machines (making a 3d model, pad welding and CNC machining),
3. welding and mechanical processing,
4. sanding; glass beads blasting; polishing; deburring,
5. maintenance of operation in production companies.

• We process the following materials:

- stainless and acid proof steel,
- construction, alloy, powder and wear-resistant steel,
- aluminum alloys,
- non-ferrous metals,
- cast iron,
- plastics and other materials.


Complex shapes, lack of documentation attached to the provided model, necessity of verification of surface deviation, position and angle do not pose any problem to us. We verify our production on a current basis with the use of our Zeiss measuring machine equipped with contact scanning head and modern software for measuring and reverse engineering. Compliance of a final product with adopted assumptions can be proved with a quality report prepared by us. Our coordinate measuring machine is regularly checked according to legalized standards in accredited DKD laboratory. Hence, we are confident of our measurements and we can run current verification of quality capacity of machine tools.

Reverse engineering – a cam


Moulding – calibration of a form


Reverse engineering – a flat cam


Measurement report


Roundness testing


Comparison with a 3d model

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